Monday, October 24, 2011

A Quilt for Me

Ok, so it took me like 5 months to finish my first easy-peasy square quilt.  So because I have so much extra time on my hands I decided to do ANOTHER quilt.  My sewing machine was calling out to me for attention.  I was browsing my blog list and came upon this nice pattern that would make a great quilt for me.  Above All Fabric was hosting a spring quilt along that provided a timeline.  I  had the perfect charm pack in mind for this.  I made each nine patch block whenever I found small blocks of time.  I made it bigger than the pattern called for b/c this quilt was for me.  Making this quilt made me realize that I like making quilts slowly and not rushing through.  The process of quilting calms my mind.  Here it is before I added the borders:

With the borders added:

 The pieced back is a combination of fabric I found at Ikea and some Bella and Kona solids.

The binding is a black and white stripe.  This quilt is the perfect size for me to cuddle with.  The hubs has put in an order for a quilt that's big enough for his 6 foot tall self.  To that I said Yipeee!  Just the excuse I needed to buy more fabric.

Front:      Punctuation by American Jane, Kona solid in white for sashing
Back:      Striped Ikea fabric, Bella and Kona solids
Binding:  Black and White stripe-no name on selvedge
Quilting:  Straight line quilting


  1. One of my favorite quilts I've seen! :)

  2. Oh I love it and really like the back! So fun and happy. Great job Patrice!

  3. I like how you sashed it. Welcome to blogland!

  4. It looks great! And doesn't it feel good to make something for yourself? I love the way you did the back, too, with the blocks of color. Excellent quilt!

  5. Very nice work...I really enjoyed my visit.

  6. Oh love this. Love the back. Love the quilting! I am just getting into doing the quilting and loving all the just simple lines! I think I can do this!
    Thanks for sharing it!


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