Friday, November 25, 2011

Log cabin love

While my oldest was at school and my baby (who is almost 3 by the way ;-) was napping I had the urge to make something quick.  I needed to feel productive and my sewing machine looked so lonely.  So I pulled out my scrap box and figured I could make a log cabin block with what little time and fabric scraps I had.   My scrap stash is very, very small.  Most of the scraps are from my citrus quilt and J's I-Spy quilt (mostly novelty prints from wally world and Hobby Lobby).    So I just pulled out some longish pieces and evened out the edges.  When I was piecing I didn't pay any attention to color placement or pattern.  It was very improvisational, relaxing and fun!  I see more improv piecing in my future for sure.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  We hosted about 15 people and had a great time.  Surprisingly I didn't overeat.  I'm hoping to get a little sewing done this weekend.  I definitely won't be doing any shopping at. all.  Have a good Friday!


  1. Trice....I didn`t read your entire blog, but did you say my nephew`s helped you piece this one together? LOL!!! Just kidding. Looks.....nice????

  2. Wow! This looks amazing! Good job using up fabrics you already have. It looks great! What are you going to do with this beautiful block?

    1. Thanks! I haven't decided but I've made another one and I'm thinking that a scrappy log cabin quilt might be in my future! :-)


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